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Online advertising can be one of the most influential components of media campaigns, and BREWAZ.COM is the ideal fit for companies of all sizes. If you have been involved in the Phoenix area real estate market for any length of time, chances are you are familiar with BREW. Known for it's accurate, timely and independently researched information, BREW has been called "The Bible" for commercial real estate news in Arizona. With more than 24 years of stories in our archives, Business Real Estate Weekly has the longest period of chronicled history of all Valley real estate news sources. See for yourself: subscribers can log into the BREWAZ.COM website and view the vast amount of real estate information BREW has published over the past 24 + years.


BREWAZ.COM is widely known to be the industry leader among Arizona real estate news websites. Since 1995, BREW has established itself as the No. 1 source for accurate and timely information on Arizona's real estate market. With its cutting edge and provocative reporting, BREW has consistently proved to be the leader among all news media covering real estate in Arizona.

When you want to reach a highly-qualified audience of decision-making professionals, there is no better choice than BREWAZ.COM.

Print Advertising

Print advertising is an effective tool for media campaigns, and BREW is the ideal fit for companies of all sizes. No other publication has a more prominent and influential impact on those tracking real estate in Arizona than Business Real Estate Weekly.

Every week, 7,000 to 10,000 professionals and executives read Business Real Estate Weekly. These are the key decision-makers BREW advertisers reach as their target audience. For more than 20 years, Business Real Estate Weekly has helped carry the message for hundreds of satisfied commercial real estate brokers, investors, developers, home builders, lenders, mortgage brokers, title companies, contractors, architects, engineers, management firms, etc. Visit any real estate-related business in the Valley and chances are you will find a custom, three-ring BREW binder being used as a reference book to store the weekly issues. Printed publications have a "shelf life" and with the yearly BREW binders we provide free to subscribers, our advertisers get the benefit of their messages being seen for weeks, months and years.

For more information, please check out our BREW Media Kit 2019.

BREW offers a variety of promotional packages at the most competitive rates guaranteeing that advertising dollars are used efficiently and effectively.

Advertising Opportunities: Increase your customer base and create brand awareness with exclusive advertising opportunities offered by BREW. We can customize an ad package that meets the needs and budget of your company. If you don't see an ad program you like, please contact us to tailor your own ad package.

Rates: Online and print advertising packages are available with flexible payment options. Contact Marie Williams (480) 905-0500 x 2 or [email protected]

Print Advertising Rates (all print ads will be included in printed version and online Emagazine)
Ad Size Placements Cost (per ad) Total 10% Discount
Half Page 50 $575 $28,750 $25,875
Half Page 25 $600 $15,000 $13,500
Half Page 12 $625 $7,500 $6,750
Half Page 6 $650 $3,900 $3,510
Half Page 3-5 $675 n/a n/a
Half Page 1-2 $700 n/a n/a
Full Page 50 $1,150 $57,500 $51,750
Full Page 25 $1,200 $30,000 $27,000
Full Page 12 $1,250 $15,000 $12,500
Full Page 6 $1,300 $7,800 $7,020
Full Page 3-5 $1,350 n/a n/a
Full Page 1-2 $1,400 n/a n/a


1 2 3 4 5
Print $389 $295 $220 $220 $200
Online $295 $245 $180 $180 $160

Business Real Estate Weekly, Inc. is the publisher of Business Real Estate Weekly (BREW), a tip sheet newsletter that covers business and real estate activity in Arizona. Founded in 1995, BREW is a weekly publication focusing on new residential and commercial developments, the sale of income-producing properties and businesses relocating or expanding in Arizona. For those looking to have cutting edge information at their fingertips, BREW is the publication business professionals use to get the latest in commercial and residential real estate news in Arizona. Known for it's accurate, timely and independently researched information, BREW has been called "The Bible" for its detailed, first hand reporting on business and real estate deals in Arizona. With more than 23 years of stories and news items in our archives, Business Real Estate Weekly has the longest period of chronicled history of all business and real estate news sources in the Valley. With the newly-added multiple search capabilities in our archives, BREW is a must have for anyone researching real estate in Arizona or simply following the market.